Transitioning Into Your New Supervisory/Administrative Role

Transitioning Into Your New Supervisory/Administrative Role

Many times people are promoted into a new supervisory role and are not fully aware of, or prepared to, negotiate the many changes that will happen for them in this new job. Being promoted from within raises unique challenges as does entering the program from the outside. 
This highly interactive workshop is geared toward newer supervisors in their first two years as a supervisor as they navigate their professional "new world". Many times new supervisors are tough on themselves as they fear they have to master their new role right away, not fully realizing they will need to set a realistic pace to navigate new professional and social relationships, finding a way to ethically and judiciously use their power, learn new administrative skills, confront staff in a positive and constructive way, facilitate meetings, and much more.
 This workshop will help new supervisors develop a realistic plan to master the necessary skills and learn the intricacies in their new role. 
Learning Objectives: 
  • Identify dynamics and develop strategies to navigate the new social and professional relationships in their new role;
  • Understand a working definition of supervision and develop strategies to operationalize it;
  • Identify the concrete and subtle "power" they now have as a supervisor;
  • Develop strategies to better balance that power in their supervisory relationships;
  • Be able to make a realistic growth and development plan for themselves as a supervisor;
  • Learn to confront in a constructive way;
  • Develop strategies to get quality supervision for themselves.
CYC Certification Competency Domain:
Relationship and Communication

Created by

Frank Delano, LMSW 

Frank has over 40 years experience in a wide variety of roles in Child and Youth Care including Child Care Worker, Unit Director, and Senior Manager. He also spent 20 years as an adjunct faculty member in the Fordham University Graduate School of Social Service. He has published and trained extensively on supervision, leadership, cultural appreciation and a wide variety of other topics. Frank has presented at numerous National and International Conferences and agencies in 9 different countries. 


 Noor Almaoui, LCSW 

Noor is a biracial, trilingual world traveler. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, she has had experience working directly with vulnerable populations such as foster youth, at risk children and families and adults experiencing homelessness throughout Southern California. Noor completed a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Masters in Social Work at California State University, Northridge.
Noor began her career at Casa Pacifica in Ventura County as a behavioral therapist working with foster youth and at-risk children and families. While at Casa Pacifica, she also took on positions as a clinical case manager for the agency suicide prevention hotline program as well as case manager for the intensive family services program, preventing families from further involvement in the child welfare system. 
Noor later moved to Los Angeles County and conducted professional trainings for social service providers on important topics such as cultural diversity, burnout prevention, harm reduction and overdose prevention throughout the county. Noor returned to direct service and worked as a mental health consultant for a multidisciplinary team which consisted of conducting crisis management and temporary therapeutic support to help individuals experiencing homelessness link to housing and supportive services throughout LA County. 
Noor has conducted long-term individual therapy with a wide range of age groups and is currently a Clinical Supervisor for various community based mental health programs, such as Wraparound and Full Service Partnership, at Hathaway-Sycamores Child and Family Services in Los Angeles County.
For more than twenty years, Erika has been a key company decision maker, innovator, and creator. At various times responsible for the development of new products, the oversight of programming, the growth-management of our teams, and the strategic company changes designed to expand our national impact at The Leadership Program (New York City). She has traveled around the country delivering keynotes and trainings on a variety of leadership topics. Erika has also authored a variety of curriculum lessons designed to address the specific needs of youth, on topics such as bullying prevention, study skills, kind & caring classrooms, and social-emotional leadership. Furthermore she has published a book: On Wings & Whimsy: Finding the Extraordinary Within the Ordinary.