Transformational Relationships

Making the connection between what we offer and what youth need from us is grounded in our ability to form helping relationships. The relational connection is the critical conduit through which all of our efforts and support reaches the other person. 

Explore the stages that relationships go through as they develop, what changes when relationships form, and recent research that points to specific elements in relationships which strengthen results. Hear from youth and workers’ points of view about the characteristics of transformational relationships and what it is in these relationships that makes the difference.
Learning Objectives:
  • Learn the importance of relationships in supporting developmental outcomes and learning 
  • Recognize what changes when we have a relationship
  • Be able to identify stages that relationships go through as they develop
  • Explore recent research on transformational relationships and how these findings can help us improve our ability to engage
  • Reflect on how we can better meet the needs of youth with whom we are currently connected
CYC Certification Competency Domain: Relationship and Communication
 1.25 Class Hours 

Created by

Frank Eckles, BA, CYC-P

Frank splits his time between his role as Past President of the national Child and Youth Care Certification Board and facilitating growth for the hundreds of CYCs who engage in learning programs offered by the Academy for Competent Youth Work. Frank is the Academy’s Executive Director, author of the Child and Youth Care: Foundations Course, co-author of the Youth Thrive: Protective and Promotive Factors for Healthy Development and Well-Being training, and co-editor of the Families Thrive: Protective and Promotive Factors to Enhance Thriving for all Families and Young People curriculum.
Frank has spent most of his life working with children and youth. Frank began his career working in psychiatric settings. He branched out into residential treatment, group care, foster care, afterschool, education, and adventure activities over the course of his career.