Sharpening Your Strategic Leadership Skills in the Workplace Impacted by a Pandemic

Most organizations were not prepared when the Covid-19 pandemic broke out in 2020. Leadership found themselves in a daily struggle to react to the accelerating impacts of the pandemic on staffing, programs, clients, and funding. Much has been learned about successful strategies. Join this workshop to explore what was learned and how to create effective strategic leadership within your organization. Participants will discuss forecasting, planning, motivation, staffing, communication and other factors that can make a significant difference in how well your organization fares if another pandemic or other natural disaster disrupts your carefully made plans.  

**NOTE:  Registration will be limited to 20 participants
Learning Objectives
  • What are the key motivational factor that can keep your staff engaged and productive?
  • How can you modify your communication protocols to increase connections and coordination?
  • What is involved in creating effective strategic management strategies and how do you implement them to remain proactive?
CYC Certification Competency Domains: Professionalism
 1 Class Hour 
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Created by

Dr. Michael W. G. Gaffley, CYC-P

Dr. Gaffley is a graduate and professor at Nova Southeastern
University. He is a skilled facilitator, practitioner, and transformational leader. He
is a Certified Professional Development Specialist. He is the Content Area Faculty
for coursework in Organizational Leadership and Behavior. He facilitates Human
Resource Growth and Development, Strategic Planning, Change Management and
Diversity Perspectives. He holds a Certificate in Public Policy and Executive
Leadership in Higher Education (IPPEL). He is an Academy Teacher and is a Florida
DOE certified Clinical Educator. He is an adjunct professor for the John Scott
Dailey Florida Institute of Government of FAU.