Shhh...  Don't Tell - The Dynamics of Secrets

1.0 hour archived training

Do you remember the first secret you ever kept? Do you remember the first time someone betrayed your confidence? When did you divulge a secret you promised to never tell?

This session examines different types of secrets and the role each plays in creating or undermining positive relationships. The session will also examine the challenges associated with “opening” secrets in our partnerships with youth and families when there is insufficient time to address needs effectively.

Participants will identify ways to discuss secrets in therapeutic ways with an emphasis on trauma-informed timing and interventions.

This training is an excellent foundational training for new youth workers, counselors, foster parents, and parents in any child and youth care setting. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will learn a nomenclature to describe secrets.
  • Participants will identify the “owner” of secrets by examining personal stories in a safe environment.
  • Participants will share methodologies for timing and deciding upon the process for opening secrets in trauma-informed ways.

CYC Certification Competency Domain:  Relationship and Communication

1.0 Class Hours

Created by

Tammy Hopper, MS, CYC-P
Louisville, KY

Tammy Hopper currently serves as the Chief Strategic Initiatives Officer for the National Safe Place Network. She has almost 30 years of experience working with and on behalf of youth via direct care, supervisory and clinical roles. As a youth care professional dedicated to positive systems change, Tammy has served as a lead advocate and coalition member of efforts at local, regional and national levels.

Tammy is a member of the CYCCB Board of Directors, is an Academy CYC: Foundations instructor, and a trainer for Youth in Focus.