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RISE Module 7: 
Cultivating Indicators of Well-Being: Meaning & Purpose

Module 7 teaches direct care staff the importance of fostering Meaning and Purpose for the youth receiving services. Staff will gain an understanding of what is meaning and purpose as described in the RISE Framework as "a felt sense of mattering and living a purpose driven life. The ability to identify contribution, fulfillment and a sense of altruism within one’s life." Staff will learn how to engage with youth to learn about what drives the youth and learn ways to help a youth engage in activities that can offer experiences of meaning and purpose to enhance overall wellbeing and success in treatment.

Learning Objectives:
  • Identify ways to promote efficacy in youth.
CYC Competencies:  Professionalism, Cultural & Human Development, Applied Human Development, Relationship & Communication, Developmental Practice Methods
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Tonya Hotchkin, LMFT, RPT, CTP

Working with children and families is inspirational to me. Passion is defined as any powerful or compelling notion or feeling.  Denis Diderot once said, “Only passions, great passions can elevate the soul to great things.” In my soul I feel that children and families are the most beautiful creatures on the earth. I believe that it is through human relationships, connections, nurturing and love that we open the door to inspire greatness; inspire potential in the soul. I love being a part of a system that focuses on strengths, hope, well being and resiliency. I hope to be a stepping stone, a planted seed, a part of someone’s journey that invites them to see their reflection and feel their greatness.

Jennifer Null, LMFT, RPT-S

​I love when a child, parent, family, or staff are able to recognize their internal strengths and beauty. In turn to see that individual or family grow and blossom into their most authentic, confident, and resilient self.

Joining in relationships with people from all walks of life creates passion in my heart. I believe therapeutic relationships are built on trust, secure vulnerability and compassion. Brene’ Brown says “vulnerability is birthplace of innovation, creativity, and change” I believe that it is through these strong yet vulnerable relationships people can get to know themselves from all different angles and learn to appreciate all parts of their stories, thus created courage and change. I believe everyone has unlimited potential to take ownership and create change in their life’s story. Seeing growth in clients, interns, colleagues and myself through these relationships is the most rewarding and motivating outcome I experience.