Personal Wellness:  Creating a Plan for

In this interactive presentation participants will engage in the development of a personal care plan, receive resources to support their own wellness, and learn how to build a culture of wellness within their organization.
Participants will learn about the key aspects of a care plan and outline ways to initiate efforts to support wellness for employees, youth, and their caregivers. As a field it is critical that youth workers intentionally incorporate wellness care plans into their work with themselves, youth, and the caregivers of the youth they serve. This is accomplished most effectively when an entire organization works together to support their stakeholders.
Learning objectives:
  • Outline how Personal Development and Self-care (from the CYCCB competency, Professionalism) is critical for all youth workers.
  • Create a personal care plan using the format provided in the session
  • Outline a realistic plan for creating a culture of wellness for youth workers, caregivers, and youth. 
CYC Certification Competency Domain:  Professionalism
1.5 Class Hours

Created by

Deborah Getz, Re. D., CYC-P

Deb is an Associate Clinical Professor in the Department of Applied Health Science at Indiana University School of Public Health-Bloomington in Bloomington, Indiana.  She is also the Secretary for CYCCB (Child and Youth Care Certification Board) as well as the Chair of the Higher Education Committee.

Dr. Getz is committed to supporting the professionalization of youth work in the U.S. She led the development of the IU APHS major and minor in youth development, actively engages in efforts to support national certification through the Child and Youth Care Certification Board and works to support awareness of issues critical to protecting child safety.