Motivational Interviewing Courses

Motivational Interviewing is a collaborative communication style that increases intrinsic motivation for behavior change. It attempts to increase the person’s awareness of the potential problems caused, consequences experienced, and risks faced as a result of the target behavior. The professional helps clients envision a better future, as they become increasingly motivated to achieve their goals in a collaborative fashion.
Motivational Interviewing focuses on the present, and entails working with an individual to change any particular behaviors that might not be consistent with their personal values. These discrepancies are explored in a non-threatening manner. The key tenets of MI are empathy, collaboration, and evocation which are utilized to help the person overcome ambivalence about changing. A variety of studies have shown its efficacy in a broad arena of behavior change when used versus the status quo.
Motivational Interviewing skills know no boundaries when it comes to behavior change and are utilized in many human services environments.

Courses for Staff

The most extensive series of Motivational Interviewing Training in the US. These have been specially developed to create a highly engaging experience filled with:
  • Interactive content
  • Real-world examples
  • "How-to's" that can raise motivation levels
  • Practice questions, decision trees, matching planks
  • Example interviews
Each of the online courses comes with a skill development guide available for you to print out and practice with the lesson. This blended learning practice helps to provide an effective learning experience and has been proven to have a greater impact on ongoing skill development.
All 20 of these Motivational Interviewing courses are approved by the National Association for Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors (NAADAC) for CEU credits and qualify for CYC Certification continuing education.

Courses for Supervisors

This extensive series of five interactive online courses directed at helping supervisors and managers create better environments for coaching staff is the only one of it's kind available today.
Each of these courses has been specially developed to provide best practices for coaching staff in a Motivational Interviewing practice. Just like the staff courses, the 5 supervisor courses come with their own skill development guide. The courses are designed to be highly engaging, maximize conceptual retention, and are built to have:
  • Modeling and demonstration of MI for staff
  • Decision-making examples
  • How to coach the key skills for MI
  • Knowledge checkpoints
  • Examples drawn from staff-supervisor interactions
Staff courses are $14.95/ea or get all 20 staff courses for $249.00Supervisor courses are $24.99/ea or get all 5 for $110.00