The Value and Necessity of Human Touch

Too often touch is an avoided subject because of various viewpoints and legal/ethical considerations of abuse. This webinar will explore the value and necessity of human touch in the context of a youth development/youth care program environment. Participants will learn how touch is vital to healthy child and youth development and explore guidelines regarding what type of touch to avoid and what contributes to healthy development.
Learning Objective:
  • List three types of touch that must be avoided
  • Describe the role of touch in healthy child development
  • Explain the types of touch essential in a child’s experience
CYC Certification Competency Domain:  Developmental Practice Methods
1 Class Hour

Created by

James Freeman, MA, CYC-P

James Freeman brings over 30 years of experience serving and leading in social service and education organizations. He holds a master’s degree in organizational leadership and was awarded a career achievement award from the National Staff Development and Training Association. He volunteers as a consulting editor for the International Child and Youth Care Network and advisor for the Association for Child and Youth Care Practice. He has served on the board of directors for the Association of Children’s Residential Centers and is a past president of the Child and Youth Care Certification Board. He’s been married to Julie for 24 years and they have a daughter and two sons they are raising in southern California.