Calming Down #2: Creating Happiness in the Workplace for Self-Care and Increased Productivity

Happiness is not just a fluff concept or a state that should we should experience only in our personal lives. Research has demonstrated that happier workplaces produce better products, have better customer service, and have lower rates of turnover. In our work with children, youths and families in the human services field, creating happier workplaces also reduces stress, burnout and secondary trauma and makes it easier for the people with whom we work to engage with us. 
This course focuses on how workplaces can implement strategies, shift culture and create spaces to create happier workplaces that support employee commitment and a sense of well-being. We will review several strategies organizations can use to enhance happiness in their workforce. 
Learning Objectives: 
  • Review the four elements of happiness at work: PERK – Purpose, Engagement, Resilience and Kindness.
  • Explore ways to increase organizational resilience and employee engagement.
  • Strategize ways to implement workplace mindfulness to increase happiness.
CYC Certification Competency Domain: 
1.5 Class Hours

Cindy Carraway-Wilson

 Cindy Carraway-Wilson, MA, CYC-P, is Director of Training at Youth Catalytics and has extensive experience in the human services field as a youth worker, mental health therapist, clinical program director and trainer/facilitator. Currently, she leads a variety of trainings on topics such as Positive Youth Development, LGBTQ topics, outcomes measurement, supervision, stress management and self-care for the professional, and organizational development and strategic planning. She is a member of the training cadre for the Innovation Center for Community and Youth Development and a certified trainer from the Academy for Educational Development. She is also a certified Pilates instructor and understands the value of applying a mind-body approach to professional development, health and wellness. Cindy lives in Maine with her partner and two Siberian huskies.