Building Cognitive and Social-Emotional Competence

This one-hour webinar is designed to help Youth and Families Thrive trainers use the one-day BUILDING COGNITIVE AND SOCIAL-EMOTIONAL COMPETENCE module.  All the materials you need to present this workshop to your staff or community group are available.   The webinar will focus on how to plan and present the materials
The one-day Building CSE Competence module takes the material presented in the Youth & Families ThriveTM courses to the next level in understanding the HOW of using the competencies.  It presents important ideas from the full course and allows participants to explore how the CSE competencies operate in daily experience and personal lives…and what we can do to help young people develop and strengthen them in their lives.
The module can be presented as two days of training.  The first day focuses on helping participants explore their own CSE competence and develop a plan for increasing their use of the competencies in their work with youth.  The second day provides program staff with a process for identifying how CSE competences are currently being taught and identifying opportunities and strategies for expanding their use in an organization’s youth programming.  
Participants will:
  • Become familiar with the workshop materials and options for presentation
  • Network with other instructors to create training teams
CYC Certification Competency Domain: 
Developmental Practice Methods   
1 Class Hours
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Created by

Frank Eckles, Executive Director, Academy for Competent Youth Work

Frank splits his time between his role as Past President of the national Child and Youth Care Certification Board and facilitating growth for the hundreds of CYCs who engage in learning programs offered by the Academy for Competent Youth Work.  Frank is the Academy’s Executive Director, author of the Child and Youth Care: Foundations Course, co-author of the Youth ThriveTM: Protective and Promotive Factors for Healthy Development and Well-Being training, and a contributing editor of the Families Thrive: Protective and Promotive Factors to Enhance Thriving for All Children, Youth, & Families training.  Frank co-authored the Building CSE Competence One Day Workshop with Hector Sapien.  
Frank became a Fellow of the National Center for Innovation and Excellence in 2014.  He is the recipient of the National Staff Development and Training Association’s 2013 Career Achievement Award.  In 2009 he received the Outstanding Achievement Award from the Academy of Child and Youth Care Professionals.  In 2006 and again in 2018 he received the President’s Award for “special achievement in the field of child and youth care” from the Association for Child and Youth Care Practice.