Youth and Families Thrive Bundle

Extend your learning of Youth and Families Thrive protective and promotive factors by taking a deeper dive into some of the key content from the courses.

Youth and Families Thrive

Learning Objectives Include:

  • Become familiar with ambiguous loss theory, including its assumptions.
  • Learn to define ambiguous loss and the two types of loss.
  • Recognize what ambiguous loss is not.
  • Explore ways to ease the stress of ambiguous loss.
  • Learn the importance of relationships in supporting developmental outcomes and learning.
  • Recognize what changes when a relationship develops.
  • Be able to identify stages that relationships go through as they develop.
  • Explore recent research on transformational relationships and how these findings can help us improve our ability to engage.
  • Reflect on how we can better meet the needs of youth with whom we are currently connected.
  • Increase ability to really hear what is being said when youth respond "illogically".
  • Become more aware of the assumptions you make that distort your understanding of the true strengths of the youth and families you serve.
  • Build self-awareness about increasing competence as you mature professionally.

    Total Bundle Class Hours: 3.0

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  • Expert instructors
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  • Improve knowledge and skills
  • Deepen understanding 
  • Certificates of Completion

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